ride1 [ raıd ] (past tense rode [ roud ] ; past participle rid|den [ `rıdn ] ) verb ***
▸ 1 go by horse/bicycle etc.
▸ 2 travel in vehicle
▸ 3 criticize someone annoyingly
▸ 4 take part in race
▸ 5 float on water/in air
1. ) intransitive or transitive to sit on an animal, especially a horse, and control its movements as it moves along:
I learned to ride only last year.
Children were taking turns riding a pony.
ride on: Have you ever ridden on a camel?
ride into: knights riding into battle
ride away/off: She rode away at a gentle trot.
a ) to sit on a bicycle, MOTORCYCLE, etc., and control it as it moves along:
The little children rode their tricycles around the playground.
ride on: He rides to school on his bicycle.
ride away/off: They rode off on their motorcycles.
2. ) intransitive to travel in a car, train, airplane, boat, etc., especially as a passenger:
ride in: They rode to the wedding in a carriage.
ride around: He enjoys riding around in his new car.
ride on: She rode over to the island on a ferry.
ride through: They rode through the streets of the city.
a ) transitive AMERICAN to use a form of transportation, especially as a passenger:
the dangers of riding the New York subway at night
The children rode the bus to school.
Nothing more was said as we rode the elevator down to the first floor.
3. ) transitive AMERICAN to criticize someone in an annoying way:
If you'd stop riding him so much, he'd be able to get his job done.
4. ) intransitive or transitive to take part in a race on a horse, bicycle, MOTORCYCLE, etc.:
Are you riding in tomorrow's race?
5. ) intransitive or transitive to float, or appear to float, on water or in the air:
surfers riding the waves
Seagulls were riding the air currents at the cliff face.
let something ride
to pay no attention to something, although it upsets you or could cause problems:
She was very rude, but I decided to let it ride.
ride at anchor
if a ship rides at anchor, it is attached to the bottom of the ocean by an ANCHOR
riding for a fall
too confident or taking too many risks, so that you are likely to fail badly
ride herd on AMERICAN
to watch or control someone or something carefully:
This weekend I'll be riding herd on a group of 12 girls we're taking into the city to see the ballet.
riding high
having a period of success:
Back in the early 1990s the company was riding high.
ride on someone's shoulders/back
if a small child rides on your shoulders or back, they sit there as you move along
ride a punch/blow
to reduce the force of a hit by moving backward slightly as you are hit
ride the rails AMERICAN
to travel on a train that carries goods without paying:
During the Great Depression, many men in the United States rode the rails looking for work.
ride the range AMERICAN
to travel around a large area on a horse, taking care of cows:
cowboys out riding the range
`ride on phrasal verb transitive
ride on something to depend on something for success:
I feel as though my whole future is riding on this interview.
,ride `out phrasal verb transitive
to get to the end of a difficult or dangerous period or situation without any serious problems:
The ship rode out the storm without any permanent damage.
We hope to ride out this recession better than last time.
,ride `up phrasal verb intransitive
if a piece of clothing rides up, it gradually moves upward on your body
ride 2 [ raıd ] noun count **
1. ) a trip on a horse or other animal, on a bicycle or MOTORCYCLE, or in a vehicle:
ride in: The ride in the taxi was hot and bumpy.
ride on: Jed let us have a ride on his horse.
a bus/car/train etc. ride: The bus ride from the airport was very pleasant.
go for a ride (in/on something): I went for a ride in a helicopter last week.
take a ride (in something): We thought it would be fun to take a ride in the boat.
have a ride in/on something: Billy won't let me have a ride on his bike.
a ) a free trip that you are given in someone's vehicle. British usually lift:
I'll get a ride home with Jeff.
Would you like me to give you a ride to school?
hitch a ride (=ask for a ride): He hitched a ride with a passing car.
2. ) a machine at an AMUSEMENT PARK (=a place outside where there are games and other activities) that people ride in for fun:
a fair with stalls, rides, and entertainment
a ) a period of time that you spend on a machine at an AMUSEMENT PARK:
ride on: Let's have another ride on the roller coaster.
be/come/go along for the ride INFORMAL
to take part in an activity that other people are doing although you are not really interested in it
easy/rough ride
a period of time when you experience no problems/a lot of problems:
The Congress aren't going to give the new President an easy ride.
take someone for a ride
to trick, cheat, or lie to someone:
I found out I'd been taken for a ride by someone I really trusted.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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